VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, AMEX.


Please inform the operator in advance if you wish to pay by credit card.


To place your order, call +36 1 354 54 54
between 11:00am and 11:45pm.


Click here for a list of dishes you may order.

Delivery area:

I - V - VI - VII - VIII - XIII districts

and part of

II - III - IX - XI - XII - XIV districts


Minimum orders:
In districts I – V – VI – VII – VIII - XIII
the minimum order is HUF 1,450.

In districts II – III – IX – XI – XII
the minimum order is HUF 1,590.


In district XIV the minimum order is HUF 1,890.

DAILY PIZZA from HUF 1,450!


A dessert or a soft drink is
on the house for orders over HUF 5,000!


Choose from the following products
(one for every HUF 5,000):

Tiramisu, Chocolate Fudge Cake,
Cheese Cake, Apple Cake,
a 1,25-litre Coca Cola, Cola light, Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite or
a 1.5-litre Naturaqua sparkling or still mineral water.

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